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Patreon.com/EdKehoe Tai Chi Strength/Pause Training

Review of the Tai Chi Strength Training principle of incorporating pauses into form practice. Adding a few pauses into your forms will extend the duration of your practice and create more of a strength building component.  

Patreon.com/EdKehoe Tai Chi Warmup Variations

Demonstration of some Tai Chi Warmup Variations. These Variations will enhance strength and balance. They are a bit more challenging than the usual warmups, so using a chair for stability is recommended.  

Patreon.com/EdKehoe Tai Chi/Qigong Strength Training

Review of different methods of emphasizing the Strength building aspect of Tai Chi and Qigong exercise. Slowing the movements down is one way and adding resistance to the movement with the use of things like weighted gloves, ankle weights and weight vests is another method.  

Patreon.com/EdKehoe Tai Chi Breathing Principle

Review of how to connect your breathing with your movement during Tai Chi and Qigong exercise. Connecting with your breathing will make the movement more meditative and slow the movement down which will increase the benefit.  

Patreon.con/EdKehoe Stay Active and Healthy with Tai Chi

While we all have more time at home, we should try to stay active and healthy with Tai Chi. Help yourself with Tai Chi and Qigong videos from the website and don’t forget that full instructional videos are available for download or DVD on the website.  

Patreon.com/EdKehoe Updated Class Schedule and Videos

The class schedule is going to be kept up to date, so if you are wondering if your class is meeting check the website. Also, new videos are available! The cane exercise and the Sun Style Tai Chi 73 forms, and as always the weekly videos are available and the Qigong, Sun Style Tai Chi