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Patreon.com/EdKehoe Qigong Wag Tail Variation

Review of the Qigong Exercise Wag the Tail from the Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade. Side view demonstration of the movement with explanation of the breathing that is coordinated with the movement.   […]

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Patreon.com/EdKehoe Qigong Exercise Variations

Review of Qigong Exercises Raising the Arm and Pressing the Sky and a few variations of the movements. Recommendation of how to get the most out of your Qigong practice by exploring different methods of the movements.   […]

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Patreon.com/EdKehoe Announcing Upcoming Workshops

Announcing Upcoming Workshops for May 2019. On May 11th Bagua Circle Walking at the Vicksburg District Library. On May 18th Self Defense Workshop at Simple and Fit in Gobles, MI. Details are listed on the schedule page.   […]

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