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New Qigong Class

New Qigong Class at the Portage Senior Center starting in May. Register at the Portage Senior Center. 269-329-4555

Patreon.com/EdKehoe Qigong Pressing the Sky

Review of the Qigong exercise Pressing the Sky from the Eight brocades. Great exercise for breathing¬† and enhancing circulation through the shoulders.  

Patreon.com/EdKehoe Class Schedule Update

Tai Chi, Qigong and Self Defense Class Schedule Update. Classes most likely won’t resume until later this year or early next year.  

Patreon.com/EdKehoe Tai Chi/Qigong Strengthens Immunity

Review of how Tai Chi and Qigong Strengthens the function of your immune system by improving the efficiency of your internal systems and enhancing circulation of the lymphatic system to cleanse you from the inside out.